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Tonye was engrossed in the calming lyrics of his favourite band, The Corrs, when it happened. Like an unwanted noise in the calm, he heard the sharp scraping sound as the Keke Marwa, in an attempt at squeezing itself between two vehicles, drew a long jagged line on the side of his shiny black 2010 Toyota Camry.

He was out of the car in a flash, eyes blazing, set for war.

“You guys have been doing this rubbish for a while, today, I will make you a scape goat,” Tonye stuttered as he poised for a show down. But it never happened.

Immediately the driver of the Keke saw the extent of the damage, he quickly got out of his tricycle and laid flat on the hot tarmac. As if in a movie, other Keke riders around joined their colleague on the tarmac. While some knelt, others prostrated. Standing tall in the middle of the drama, Tonye found himself looking like a newly-crowned king accepting his subjects’ homage.

He left the scene without saying another word; he was not going to push his royalty too far. After all, the Comprehensive Auto Insurance policy with excess buy back he bought from FBN General Insurance will get the car sorted. So why give himself a headache?

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October 31st, 2017
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