Insurance is a promise. As a foremost insurance company, it is imperative we project trust and inspire confidence in our products at every touch point. These help in building great relationships which are key for us as a business.

Sustainable Insurance


In designing our products and selling our services, we put sustainable insurance into consideration. Sustainable insurance is a strategic approach wherein all activities in the value chain including interactions with stakeholders and customers are done in a responsible and forward looking way by identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring risks associated with environmental, social and governance issues.

People Empowerment


Our workforce is our most cherished asset. We remain committed to nurturing a most efficient, ethical and responsible staff who is constantly motivated, trained and re-trained for personal and organisational growth. In association with our partners, Sanlam Group SA, we are able to keep our workforce up-to-date with global trends in the insurance industry.

Our Approach

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy therefore is aimed at building trust, brand and reputation through effective stakeholder engagement and thought leadership on CR&S. This strategy is expressed via the following strategic pillars:

Community Support


We constantly draw ideas and opinions from our host communities and act on same by designing products and services that suit their needs. We appreciate their hospitality by investing time, effort and our funds in projects that will make life better for everyone in the community.

Environmental Sustainability


In doing business, we take cognizance of potential environmental risks with a view to nipping them in the bud. This is done via constant interactions with our stakeholders, driving sustainable insurance and putting necessary frameworks in place towards ensuring that our actions as a corporate entity does not impact negatively on our environment.

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