Accidents can happen anywhere… Here are some safety tips for your Home.

2. Take extra caution with hot liquids. For those who have kids around, refrain from placing hot liquids in a place where children can reach it or on tables that have their table cloths hanging over. The child may pull on the fabric causing the liquid to spill on them.

3. Install grab bars in the shower. Shower falls are commonplace in every home. Installing grab bars in your shower help prevent disaster should someone slip.

4. Keep electronics away from water. Do not keep electronics near water or in a place where they could fall in or a child could pull them in. In the same vein, do not let children near water storages. Children love to play with water. A large body of water poses as much risk of drowning to them as a small bowl.

5. Stair safety. Stairs can be the cause of accidents for many different reasons. To best avoid falls make sure your handrail runs the full length of the staircase, carpets are secure, and do not put area rugs or mats at the base or top of the stairs. Also if you paint basement stairs it will be beneficial to add some sand to the pain to give the stairs more traction. For outside steps that are not well lit, paint the edges white so they can be seen in the dark.

6.Keep cleaning products out of reach. All cleaning products should be stored in a place where kids and pets cannot get to them. Put them in a cabinet with child-proof locks or store them in a high cabinet.

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