Don’t be left in a lurch

Everything about the new apartment made Chigozie happy.

From sharing a two-bedroom apartment with eight others in downtown Lagos to getting his own place, a newly-built -though tiny- one-bedroom apartment in Ajah, he was finally moving to freedom. No more hustling for space on one of the two 3-and-a-half inches mattresses available, or settling for one of the thread-bare throw pillows that made for neck cushions the days he missed out on the mattress. The boys themselves called the apartment Barracks, an apt sobriquet for the mess it was at its rowdiest.

The first set of gadgets he bought with the entire savings he had left after paying the rent included a 43” LED TV, a DVD Home Theatre system, an HD Zapper decoder, and a 1hp air-conditioning unit. No one told him adulting was a lonely journey; as far as he was concerned, life is good.

It all turned sour for him one Monday evening when he got back from work to find out his TV and sound system had grown wings. Unknown intruders had broken in through the aluminum windows and had stolen his properties.

Chigozie wept. He wept for his empty bank accounts and the setback the robbery represented in his new-found freedom. If only he knew about FBN General Insurance Householder policy.

Are your household contents dear to you? Don’t be like Chigozie, buy an FBN General Insurance Householder policy today to protect yourself from any eventuality.

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