Goods-In-Transit: How to protect your investment

The SMS that woke Abdullahi up was three-words long: We get accident!. He blinked away the sleep that weighed heavily on his eyes and shot up in bed. The message was from his truck driver, Kabiru, who was delivering a truckload of goats to Lagos in response to the Christmas orders that were already coming in.

”What happened?” he asked immediately the line connected. Kabiru explained how he had lost control of the truck while trying to avoid a ditch on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. ”33 goats don die sah!” Kabiru told him.

The goat herder knew he was in trouble. At N15,000 per goat, losing 33 goats meant he had incurred a N495,000 loss even before he had sold one.

Abdullahi wept for the colossal loss and for his refusal to listen to the young man who had approached him just three days earlier to buy an FBN General Insurance Goods-in-Transit policy to protect him from uncertainties on the road.

Do you run a business that transports goods from one location to another? Don’t be like Abdullahi, protect your investment today with the FBN General Goods-in-Transit policy. Reach out to us now:

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