Here’s a piece of advice for this season

No one knew how the fire started.

But everyone saw it consume the neighborhood in a conflagration that screamed devastation. By the time the fire was put out by a combined effort of half-empty fire extinguishers and the Fire Services, three houses and seven cars had been completely razed.

The Johnsons were the worst hit. New in the neighborhood, their home and two cars were burnt to ashes. For the family of five, it was a sordid reminder of the uncertainty of life as we know it. The Fire Fighters blamed the harmattan for the rapid spread of the fire.

But Mr Akinniyi Johnson had no one else to blame but himself. He knew he should have had his property insured against Fire and Special Perils. He could still remember the exact words of the FBN General Insurance Financial Advisor who had tried to talk him into buying the policy:”You’ve got a very beautiful house Sir, let me put together a convenient policy for you to protect it against all eventualities. Life happens, you don’t want to be caught napping.”

He wished he had heeded the advice.

The Harmattan is almost here. Protect your properties from life’s uncertainties take out an FBN General Fire and Special Perils policy today.

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