Tips to avoid being robbed in traffic

The rainy season brings with it an unfortunate increase in crime rates during traffic rush hour. Here are tips for you to avoid being robbed in traffic:

1. On noticing the gathering of the clouds, if you can, leave whatever you are doing and head home immediately. It is better to avoid being caught in traffic occasioned by the rains.

2. If you must move in the rain, select routes that have minimal flooding. The traffic radio stations can help intimate you of such routes.

3. Pull off all jewellery and keep somewhere safe in the car. Please do not keep in your purse as robbers often ask for those as well.

4. Before starting your car and driving off, please keep all valuables like laptops, mobile devices etc. out of sight. Keep the appropriate ones in the car trunk or glove compartment.

5. Have little cash in your wallet; keep the bulk of your money elsewhere. Wallets and purses are one of the first things robbers ask for. You don’t want to lose everything to them.

6. Whenever in traffic, lock all your doors and keep your windows up. If you require fresh air for whatever reason, do not roll down more than two inches.

7. If a criminal threatens you from the window, honk repeatedly on your horn. It draws attention and criminals usually flee from such. However, if the criminal is carrying a gun, do not assume it is a fake or is empty, hand over whatever he asks for. You don’t want your doubt to be cleared with an unfortunate gun shot.

8. Try to carry a much older cell phone in your car and keep the newer ones on silent while driving. Because they rob in a hurry, a robber usually collects all he can collect from you in the shortest possible time.

9. Most radio stations in major cities have a traffic show. Always tune in to those especially during rush hour as they discuss many helpful tips for safe driving.

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