Trust is never enough

Well before new generation hypermarkets took over the city, Reggie’s was the neighborhood’s favourite supermarket. Established as a one-stop family business by the Ajekigbes, the store was renowned for its consistently low price regimen and diversity of stock. Year in, year out, Reggie’s catered for the neighborhood in ways only it can. Soon, it became a major landmark around the locality.

Until the Matriarch of the family, Madam Ajekigbe, who ran the store for years, passed on and Reggie’s had to employ a Store Manager. Within seven months of the new hire, Reggie’s began witnessing empty shelves and ridiculous prices. Then one Monday morning, residents woke to a closed Reggie’s. The Store Manager had refused to show up at work locking out store attendants and cleaners in the process. It was later discovered he had been stealing stock and diverting sales proceeds. He had bolted when the owners decided to audit the accounts.

That was the end of Reggie’s.

Many lamented the demise of the store. But they never knew that the eventual shutdown of Reggie’s could have been avoided had the Ajekigbes taken out a Fidelity Guarantee policy from FBN General Insurance. The policy could have provided financial support for the business thereby ensuring the continued existence of their beloved neighbourhood supermarket, Reggie’s.

Do you run a business or know someone who does? Don’t be like the Ajekigbes, buy an FBN General Insurance Fidelity Guarantee policy today to protect your business from dubious employees.

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